Earwax Removal for children aged 13 and under

Your child’s hearing is one of the most important aspects of their young development, unfortunately this is not always at the forefront of our consideration. Children suffering from impaired hearing and blocked ears are likely to experience a much harder time focusing and hearing simple things which can lead to more server problems later on. We recommend having your child’s ears checked on a regular basis to ensure they are not affected by impacted  ear wax.

Children usually suffer from blocked ears more than adults due to their ear canals being very narrow and short.  It is also more common for children to succumb to ear infections (outer and middle ear) as their sinus tubes, also medically known as the eustachian (hue-stay-shin) tubes are narrower and more level than they are in adults, thus they cannot drain as fast as an adult’s tube.

Ear Checkup

The common cause for an outer ear infection is from water ingress, this gets stuck in the ear and does not dry out quickly enough.  This infection is called Swimmer’s ear, also known as Otitis externa.  Water also gets trapped in the ear canal when there is a build-up of ear wax and or dead skin (keratin) and it can not make its way out the ear naturally.

Even though ear wax has a natural way of migrating out of the ear, kids are much more likely to stick things, like their fingers, or any other foreign object in their ear due to their ears blocking up or being itchy.  This disrupts the migration process and is the main cause of ear wax build-up as kids will try and relieve the discomfort without their parent being aware of it.

At SoundSure we always endeavor to ensure all our clients young and old receive the best possible treatment when booking an appointment with us.