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Ear Plugs

Hearing Protection for a Purpose

Custom ear plugs are one of our specialties. Taking a mould in the exact shape and form of your inner ear will ensure your ear device will be snug and comfortable.

Our products are specially engineered to suit every individual, We offer a wide selection of products made in either a soft silicon or hard acrylic material for a variety of applications, ensuring, like our product, that our solutions are tailor-made to fit our clients’ requirements.  With the addition of a seal test of all new HPD's, giving you peace of mind that they carry out their intended purpose while being designed to last for years to come. 


We also offer a large range of In-Ear monitors, whether you need a full custom or just a universal solution, with two well known and very popular brand names to choose from. Our custom IEM's are manufactured to the highest standards using only the latest technology, a 3D designed acrylic mold with fully customisable features helps you choose the design that suits your personality for that personal touch.  Our IEM's are hand made ensuring that you get an extremely comfortable wearing high quality monitor with perfect clarity out the box.

Book in for your Ear Impression

20 minutes - $40

NOTE: There may be an additional cost for Ear Wax Removal, and/or Ear Wash before the ear impression can be taken.

For further information feel free to contact us

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