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Ear Impressions
Digital Scans

We do ear impressions for custom ear devices.  The mould will take on the exact shape and form of your ear to ensure your ear device will be a snug and comfortable fit in the ear.  

Do you need ear impressions?

With more than 12 years of experience and over 2000 impressions taken, our ear moulds are of the highest quality.  

When taking the ear impression an auto block (foam tip) will be placed just past the second bend of your ear canal which is approximately 12mm deep into the ear cavity.  Impression material will then be inserted in the ear canal using an impression syringe, the impression material is made from a special medical grade silicone. The material is oil based to ensure the finished product will not stick to the canal walls or outer ear.

A silicone impression will firm in about 2-3 minutes when it comes into touch with the air surrounding it and the warmth from your body. Once the silicone has hardened, our ear clinician will carefully remove the impression from the ear. After that, the impression will be cleaned, cut, and submitted to the Audiologist of your choice.

As an optional extra we can also digitally scan your impressions to send to your preferred Audiologist.

Ear Impression

20 minutes - $45

NOTE: There may be an additional cost for Ear Wax Removal, and/or Ear Wash before the ear impression can be taken.

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