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Ear Health

Why should you have your ears checked on a regular basis?

Assess – Clean - Educate

Our hearing is the second most important sense in our body. Your hearing helps you with everyday tasks such as following conversation, hearing important alarms and the enjoyment of the environment around you.

Factors like balance should also be considered; When your ears are not functioning properly you could potentially experience an array of symptoms which could include dizziness or vertigo, hearing loss (temporarily or permanent) and even speech delay, to name a few. Your hearing plays a really big role in your day-to-day productivity therefore it is advised to have your ears checked regularly.

In the case where ear wax has fully impacted the ear canal, the wax should be softened prior to the wax removal procedure.  Ask the ear clinician for the best advice as to how you can help make the process of ear wax removal easier and potentially less painful for you.  An ear wax softener like olive oil applied 2-3 days prior to your appointment is a safe and highly recommended way to help do this.

Ear Health Consultation

20 minutes - $35

Having an ear health consultation is a great way to help ensure none of these nasty things happen to you, so here is what to expect when coming for your appointment:

  • An Inspection of the outer ear will be performed, medically known as the pinna (pin-naa)
  • An Autoscopic view of the ear canal and eardrum using a powerful LED-lit microscope; or
  • An Endoscopic (this is a High-Definition recording) view of the ear canal and eardrum, also known as the tympanic (tim-panic) membrane.

When conducting an inspection of your ear, our ear clinician will be able to determine the following;

  • Whether the ear canal is healthy, red or inflamed.
  • If the eardrum is a normal colour and correctly intact.
  • To see if previous perforations of the ear drum have healed.
  • Whether there is moisture behind the eardrum.
  • Are there any foreign body present?
  • If the wax present in the ear is healthy and how it can be safely removed?

What to expect

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