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Do you suffer from the following symptoms...

Difficulty hearing, blocked sensation in the ear canal, pain or discomfort?

Ear wax is an odorless, oily substance produced to protect and line the ear canal. 

Although ear wax is the bodies natural way of defending the ear against infections, excessive build-up can be problematic, impacting hearing and the general health of the ear.


Unfortunately, many people will try to use cotton buds (or cotton swabs) for ear cleaning, pushing the ear wax further back to the ear canal. 

Start enjoying excellent ear health with our safe and professional ear wax removal service. 

For further information feel free to contact us at info@soundsure.co.nz

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What is Views-Likes-Subs.com?

Views-Likes-Subs.com is a platform where you can buy services for Youtube, one of today's largest virtual social platforms. In this platform, you can purchase services such as YouTube subscribers, Youtube likes, YouTube views, YouTube comment likes, Youtube social sharing, Youtube favorites, Youtube watch time and all other social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or TikTok and much more.

Is Views-Likes-Subs.com platform safe?

All services offered on our platform are SEO safe and pose no risk to your content creations. All information you enter on the Site is protected by SSL encryption. As payment infrastructure, you can make your credit/debit card and PayPal payments safely.

What should I pay attention to when buying from this platform?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing services on our platform. The first name, last name, e-mail, phone information you entered when purchasing must be correct for contact and billing when necessary. The valid Url link must be included in the link box at the checkout! We will not process your order without the valid Url link, even if you paid. We will contact you if the information you provided is correct, to get the Url link info from you. But if you don't see that your order is being processed because we can't reach you, please contact us and provide us with valid Url link.

What should I pay attention to when buying subscribers?

The subscriber counter of the account for which you purchased the subscribers must not be hidden. Your subscriber counter must be public.

What should I pay attention to when buying views?

Viewing the video you purchased must not be restricted to any age or country, the video must not be unlisted or hidden, it must be public. The ‘‘allow video’’ placement option should be active. You can check this setting by pressing the edit video button on the advanced settings tab.

What should I pay attention to when buying likes?

The likes/dislike counter should not be hidden in the purchased likes'svideo.

What should I pay attention to when buying live stream viewing?

The country in which you purchased the live stream viewing should not have an age restriction.

Do I need to register password protected account in order to buy products?

No password is required for any transaction you purchase on our platform, you will only need to enter a channel link or video link depending on the transaction you purchase and your information. Password is required for platform registration to become a member and for login.

What should I do after buying?

There is no need to do anything after purchase, orders are processed automatically. You can follow the developments in your Youtube Studio or other social media platform for which you purchased the services.

How to reach 4000 hours of view time fast?

You can easily reach the 4000 hours of viewing time required for the Youtube advertising partnership. You can quickly reach the 4000 hour milestone with our 4000 hour viewing time package on our website. Having a video that is longer than 3 hours on your channel is to be considered.

When will the "views" order complete?

View orders under 50,000 are completed within 24 hours. If you have a larger purchase, it takes a few days to complete. Remember that the slower we deliver the better the outcome. Social media algorythms detect the speed at which the views complete and remove some of them. To avoid the "drops" we deliver at a "natural human viewer" rate that is not detectable. Our views come from real viewers! These are not bot views which end up being deleted by the social media platforms today.

When will my "subscriber" order complete?

Subscriber submission starts in 1 to 48 hours and is completed by making 10 to 100 daily subs. There is no clear completion time, the speed in this range is automatically determined by the software considering the purchased channel statistics (rate of view, rating, number of shared videos, number of subscribers). In this way, the increase appears organic and is completed in a healthy way. We do not sell bot subscribers! The automated bot subscribers end up being deleted from the social media platforms and are not safe to your channel. Sometimes we deliver faster and bigger amounts for some customers but they need to request it per contact form or email.

How many subscribers can I buy?

There is no purchase limit on subscribers, but you can get a maximum of 1000 subscribers at a time! Once your purchase is completed, you can purchase again and again.

How many views can I buy?

There is no limit on view purchases. Up to 1million views packages can be purchased but we showcase only packages up to 100,000 views. Our packages over 100,000 views are not shown on our platform, you need to contact us before buying package over 100,000 views.

How many likes can I buy?

There is no purchase limit on likes, but bigger amounts (over 20 thousand) are not included on the site, you need to contact us before purchasing.

Are subscribers permanent?

Yes, the subscribers you purchase are permanent but the industry standard allows up to 20% drop rate. In case of drop or unsubscribe above 20%, free refill service is provided for drops above 20% under the 30-day guarantee.

When will the "Likes" order complete?

Like submission varies according to the intensity of the work in the system and starts within 10 minutes and a maximum of 72 hours.

Why is my personal information needed for the purchase?

Your personal information data is needed for the financial institution that provides the funds for your purchase. When making a purchase, we are asked to collect your personal information for billing and any problems that may occur.

Refund Policy

Views-Likes-Subs.com provides highest premium quality paid services. For our services that are “Guaranteed,” we will guarantee you receive the full service, or your money back! If you ever have a comment or concern, please contact us first and we will do our best to provide a solution. If for some unexpected reason we cannot provide a solution to your specific “paid service” problem, we will provide a refund in the amount appropriate to our discretion (based on all circumstances of the situation). We treat our customers with respect! You can always feel safe and assured that your purchase with us will be successful and if not, we will discuss solutions and potentially refund your money if that’s the best solution. Anyone caught misusing our site, regardless of past or present purchases will be banned from our platform and no refund issued.

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