Do you suffer from the following:

  • difficulty hearing?

  • blocked sensation in the ear canal?

  • pain or discomfort?

Ear wax is an odorless, oily substance produced to protect and line the ear canal. Although ear wax is the bodies natural way of defending the ear against infections, excessive build-up can be problematic, impacting hearing and the general health of the ear.


Unfortunately, many people will try to use cotton buds (or cotton swabs) for ear cleaning, pushing the ear wax further back to the ear canal. 

Start enjoying excellent ear health with our safe and professional ear wax removal service.

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How often should I have my ears cleaned?

Although our ears have a self-cleaning mechanism that naturally removes excess ear wax from the ear canal. it is always best practice to have your ears check with our ear clinician every 6 to12 months depending on how much earwax you produce

What is the best way to clean ears?

We always recommend booking yourself in for an ear health consultation. This will help determine the health of the ear canal and whether ear wax removal is required. For general cleanliness at home using a luke warm damp washcloth to wipe any excess ear wax that may site on the outside of the ear canal away. You can also use cotton buds, but never insert them into the ear canal.

Does earwax buildup go away on its own?

The normal process of the ear canal is help ensure ear wax migrates naturally to the entrance of the ear canal where you can clean it away yourself. Should your ear wax buildup be causing pain, discomfort or difficulty in hearing then the ear wax removal should be handled by a professional. Need an ear specialist in Tauranga? Send us a message or give us a call.

How do you remove hard ear wax?

Hard ear wax is removed via micro suctioning or manual cleaning, depending on the amount of hard wax to remove. We always advise that should you not have had treatment for a number of years then putting a few drops of olive oil in the ear canal twice a day for two days leading up to your appointment for ear wax removal in Tauranga, will help ensure that the procedure will be quick and painless.

What are the side effects of excessive ear wax?

The following side effects can occure when your ear canal are clogged with excessive ear wax: ear pain, itching of the ear, dizziness, ringing in the ears and in servere cases, hearing loss. Look after your ear health and book an appointment with an ear cleaner in Tauranga.

Are your procedures safe?

When your impacted earwax is not resolved by over-the-counter removal kits, it is best to seek medical attention. In our ear care Tauranga clinic, our professional ear clinician will examine your ear canal and wax using a microscope. With over 13 years of experinece and knowledge to remove impacted earwax without damaging the delicate layer of skin in your ear.

How do you diagnose ear conditions?

Sometimes, impacted earwax is caused by more than just build-up. It can also be a symptom of some other health conditions like osteoma, external otitis, skin diseases, autoimmune disease, or injury. When you get your ear cleaning administered in our ear clinic in Tauranga, we will investigate your symptoms. Our ear care expert will let you know if the wax isn't the main reason for your ear condition and what the next step would be in helping you to treat the problem.

How do you care for excessive ear wax production?

If you happen to be a person whose ears overproduce cerumen, getting a regular ear wax removal is not just needed but vital to ensuring your ears are functioning correctly and staying healthy.